The candidates interested should mail their updated C.V.s / PROFILE on:

with your current and expected SALARY details, Notice Period and your availability for the interview along with a message in the subject that you are applying for so and so post.

Let me assure you that confidentiality will be maintained at the highest level of professionalism.


  • At "COUNTRYWIDE MANPOWER SERVICES PVT. LTD." your resume will be written by one of our highly skilled resume writing experts, who are experienced in both recruitment and copywriting. Therefore, they know how to produce an interview-winning resume that will get you noticed by both employers and recruitment agencies.
  • Our Expert Resume Consultant will personally identify your individual skills, achievements, career aims and job targets. This will assist you to match your resume with employers' and recruitment agencies' requirements.
  • Our Professional Resume Writers will assist the jobseekers to overcome the problems of unemployment, changing careers, changing jobs frequently, lack of qualifications or experience, being too young or old, returning to work after illness, an extended holiday or maternity leave. We are experienced in handling these sorts of problems on your resume,so that they do not stop you from getting a job.
  • All the resumes formatted by our resume experts are professionally and individually tailored; we do not use any CV templates and CV formatting software. All our resumes are custom written, so no two look exactly alike. We distinguish you from everyone else so you have the best chance of getting interviews.
  • We assure satisfaction and after sales support. We assure an interview call within 30 days of posting your resume on any of the portals otherwise we will rewrite your resume FREE of cost. We are confident about our services and hence we are assuring your satisfaction.

We value your privacy and all information shared with us remains strictly confidential. Your phone number and e-mail are completely safe. We only use the information you give us to provide the service you purchased. No information is shared withany other party for any reason what so ever.

Our Steps are Simple to make your resume distinctive :

  • Place your order & make the payment.
  • Complete our exclusive Questionnaire.
  • You will receive personal attention from one of our resume writing experts.
  • We will prepare a draft and send you through e-mail for your approval within 2 business days of getting all the information & fully filled Questionnaire.
  • You will receive a distinctive resume ready for you to land the perfect job within 1 business day of approving the draft.

COUNTRYWIDE MANPOWER SERVICES PVT. LTD.s Professional Resume Writing Service

(Services Tax Extra)
On-line Resume Writing
0-2 years of experience
INR 2000
2-8 years of experience
INR 3000
8+ years of experience
INR 4000
One to One Resume Writing
0-2 years of experience
INR 2500
2-8 years of experience
INR 3500
8+ years of experience
INR 4500


Job search assistance
Looking forward to change job………….not getting time………….too busy…..???
Outsource us, we will do job search for you on your behalf…
Avail our Customised Job Search Assistance Service & get relieved of your worries.

'COUNTRYWIDE' & Career Coaches of India can help you explore career options and get your dream job in companies specializing in industry & location of your choice through our Customised Job Search Service. We will assist you in your search for suitable job openings in the targeted companies of your preference, apply for the jobs of your interest, guide you to face the interview confidently and get the desired salary packages through negotiation with the HR Personnel.

This service is exclusively designed for middle and senior level professionals, who are unable to identify the companies which are actively advertising the positions of their interest due to hectic work schedule.

Our expert Recruitment Executives will identify the companies actively advertising positions that interest you or identify relevant active openings in the targeted companies of your choice.

In a brief telephone consultation or personal meeting, we will identify your individual skills, achievements, career aims and job targets. Then your Resume will be written by one of our highly skilled Professional Resume Writer. This will assist us to match you with employers' requirements.

On short listing of your resume we will arrange your interview with the employer as per your convenience.

Our Expert Career Coach will brush up your interviewing skills and help you to present yourself with confidence in the interview,build a rapport with the interviewer & negotiate best salary offers.

Significance of Customised Job Search:

  • Single point of contact representing you to the employers & recruiters.
  • Assistance in negotiating best salary from the prospective employer.
  • Saves on time and efforts at your end.
  • You gain from our experience & expertise in professional job search assistance.
  • We value your privacy and all information shared with us remains strictly confidential which will unable you to apply for the position of your choice through us without affecting your present job. The information given to us is only used for the service you purchase. No information is shared with any other party for any reason what so ever


Do you have a great resume, get tons of interviews but no actual employment offers??

Brush up on your Interviewing Skills with "COUNTRYWIDE" Expert Interview Guidance

  • You will walk into the interview with confidence.
  • You will achieve your dream of Career Satisfaction, Money & Recognition.
  • You will understand the vital details the Interviewers are looking for in the Interview.

Who requires an Interview Guidance?

  • If you never receive a call for a second interview-much less a job offer-despite thinking you performed well in interview after interview.
  • If you haven't interviewed in a while and want to brush up on rusty interview skills.
  • If you have a challenge (been fired or laid off, job-hopper image) you need to address.
  • If you are not confident to face an interview.
  • If you find it hard to sell yourself in a positive manner.

How we work...

At 'COUNTRYWIDE' we will benefit you from 1-to-1 interview coaching sessions as you tap into the knowledge and experience of a leading recruitment professional. You'll be able to discuss practical interview issues & concerns that really matter to you. We will work with you over the telephone and one-on-one personal coaching session preparing you for your interview.Our intensive interview guidance will relieve uncertainty and improve your performance; our Interview Counsellor will provide you with tips & tricks, guidance on preparation strategies, interview deportment, avoidable pitfalls and possible opportunities. Our effective, confidence-building strategies and proven Oral Assessment advice will improve your preparation, performance and prospects to be selected. We will help you improve your presentation to be more competitive by focusing and finding your ACE, which is the strength that makes you unique.

Our simple steps to make you confident to attend the interview

  • Place your order & make the payment incase you are looking for Interview Guidance over telephone.
  • Complete our exclusive Questionnaire.
  • You will receive a call from our executive to fix an appointment with our Career Coach.

"COUNTRYWIDE'' Expert Interview Guidance:

(Services Tax Extra)
On-line Resume Writing
Below 5 years of experience
INR 2500
8+ years of experience
INR 4000
Email us at: